Although the hospitality sector is responsible for only about 1% of the greenhouse gas emissions worldwide, it needs to cut its emission levels given the strong growth in tourism expected for the years to come. Improved energy efficiency should also result in lower operating costs.

One Planet - Handle with Care

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  • Europe and Central Asia

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Energy, Tourism

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Education & Awareness Raising, Policy Frameworks & Tools

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Virginia Fernandez-Trapa

Programme Officer/ Sustaiable Development of Tourism


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Sustainability has become for all sectors alike a duty of care and even a responsibility to sustain future generations, which brings us together. As far as its environmental footprint is concerned, the hospitality industry has been considering three main pillars: the reduction of food waste, the development of energy efficiency and sustainable energy and last but not least the reduction of the use of water. This initiative aims to help hospitality businesses raise their energy efficiency and use more sustainable energy sources.


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Output level

Knowledge resource and technical tool

  • Guidance and solutions to raise energy efficiency in the European Hospitality Industry
  • Contribution to Recommendations for Action in Food Waste Prevention across the food chain

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SCP Commitments

Impact and Results

To achieve this goal and make sustainable tourism a reality, HOTREC has brought together UNWTO, SMEunited, EUROCOMMERCE, NECSTouR, EuroAce, the Alliance To Save Energy, METRO AG, the European Tourism Association and ETC to sign a charter thus demonstrating that only a multi-stakeholder approach can be part of the answer. We are thankful to our many project partners for their support and we look forward to keep building a better and sustainable Europe. This partnership and the guidance provided in this brochure are meant to help hospiality businesses to raise their energy efficiency, and reduce their carbon footprint.