Herost is a new initiative developed by Millennium Destinations, in partnership with GreenBIM Engineering, as a digital platform offering a fair P2P marketplace for co-creating, sharing and promoting transformative community-based experiences between local hosts and their guests or visitors.
The core values and guiding principles of Herost: authenticity, creativity, equity, and sustainability.

Implemented in

  • Asia / Pacific

Sectors of activity
Agricultural and Fishery, Consumer Goods, Culture and recreation, Education, Food & Beverage, Tourism

Type of initiative
Capacity Building & Implementation, Education & Awareness Raising, Other

Type of lead actor
Business Sector

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Catherine Germier-Hamel

Founder and CEO - Global Marketing and Business Development | Consultant Sustainable Smart Tourism Destinations, Experiences and Lifestyles - CBT | International Speaker - Lecturer - Trainer

Millennium Destinations

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Through Herost, our main purpose is to mainstream fair sustainable community-based experiences so that they becomes a standard for any relationship between residents and their visitors.

The main objectives of Herost are:
- to contribute to the sustainable development, positive transformation and empowerment of communities receiving (or willing to receive) hosts of guests / visitors / tourists;
- to promote a new sustainable business model for Community-Based Tourism (CBT) towards Community-Based Transformation;
- to design and disseminate principles and good practices for sustainable production and consumption of local experiences;
- to foster sustainable income and job opportunities for host community members ;
- to generate significant funding for sustainable community-based projects through automatic allocating a portion of revenues;
- to raise awareness and educate on environmental conservation and the preservation of cultural heritage in destinations;
- to prevent overtourism and encourage dispersal of tourism flows through offering off-the-beaten track options;
- to promote sustainable lifestyles and behaviors for both host community members and their guests;
- to bolster international cooperation and public-private partnerships , through supporting projects and programs aimed at strengthening dialogue among involved stakeholders;
- to provide consulting and advisory services to communities for projects and initiatives contributing to the spread of circular economy, creative economy, collaborative economy.


As collected through the One Planet Reporting

Output level

Knowledge resource and technical tool

  • Herost, P2P marketplace for community-based tourism

Impact and Results

Increased awareness and knowledge of residents and visitors regarding sustainable consumption and production
Transformation of mindsets, lifestyles and behaviors of residents - visitors when it comes to environmental conservation, preservation of cultural heritage, respect and responsibility towards local community members.
Improvement of the livelihoods and socioeconomic status of residents
Community-based transformation as a mainstream business model and a standard for sustainable travel and tourism