After hard battles on controlling the spread of the COVID-19, China's retail market gradually recovered and continued to play essential roles in providing grocery supplies to customers. The new methods of SCP communication have been invented and delievered through online channels. The Carbon Account--A Low Carbon consumption mini-programme was launched and attracted 18 chain companies with nearly 7000 stores and online channels to communicate low-carbon lifestyle to consumers.

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Chong Li

China Chain Store and Franchise Association

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In the year of the COVID 19, store activities of Sustainable Consumption Week were not able to be held due to the pandemic. With support from the Energy Foundation, CCFA developed this new Wechat mini-program based on AI technology and a database of 220 low-carbon consumption lifestyle Q&As. This miniprogramme combined with AI technology of image recognition and carbon emission factor database( provided by CarbonStop), to disclose carbon footprint of some specific products by simply taking photos of products around them. For consumers, they could collect "badges” when scanned the products with carbon footprint, and also answered the Q&As correctly.
The mini programme aims to 1) to provide a more interactive and innovative ways for consumers to understand carbon and product carbon footprint; 2) to engage retailers and raise their awareness in recognising product low-carbon features and prepare them with relavant knowledge, and to assist in consumer communications.


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Impact and Results

Under the umbrella of the Sustainable Consumption Week of CCFA, with the launch of the new mini-programme, the following activies and impacts were made:
a) Organized 3 Public communication events, and 2 media salons in (August 2019 to September 2020)
b) 18 chain companies and 8 partner organizations, with nearly 7000 stores and online channels to participate in the promotion of the AI mini-program, mainly covers first and second tier cities in China. The chain companies involved in different business including retail (supermarkets, convenience stores, special stores, shopping malls, department stores), catering & restaurants, service (laundry, economic chain hotels, chain gyms)

Next steps and how to get involved

Low- carbon consumption is the new topic in promoting SCP for CCFA. We plan to develop more tools, standards, roadmaps, guidelines etc. to further build capacities and lead to changes in supply chain in the next a few years