The “Green Sustainable Consumption Week” (hereafter, SCW) is a non-profit public activity initiated by China Chain Store & Franchise Association, in order to promote the concepts of sustainable consumption consumer information, certified sustainable products, green lifestyles, and environmental awareness through multiple channels to China’s public society by engaging consumers in various activities organized by partner retailers, enterprises, and organisations.

Implemented in

  • Asia / Pacific
  • China

Sectors of activity
Consumer Goods, Food & Beverage

Type of initiative
Education & Awareness Raising

Type of lead actor
Civil society

Shared by

Chong Li

China Chain Store and Franchise Association

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The objectives of the SCW are the following:
1. In response to the Party’s and Country’s call of Green Consumption, implement the Guidance on Green Consumption issued by ten ministries and commissions of the national development and Reform Commission, the Central Propaganda Department and the Ministry of Commerce.
2. To help consumers to setup scientific, healthy and environment-friendly consumption behaviours, such as reducing food waste.
3. To help make product sustainability information available to consumers, and help customer to recognize the sustainability information of products.
4. To help consumers establish an understanding of the contribution and impact of individual green life on the environment, society and national low carbon development.


Initiated in 2013, the Sustainable Consumption Week has already attracted 1,920 stores, covering 130 cities in China.

The activities are organised in various themes and various forms, in order to make consumers acquainted with how to recognize the certified labels on the products, and understand how to choose energy efficient home appliances, how to choose environmental friendly and healthy food, how to live a sustainable home life, and more importantly, to know that the sustainable lifestyle is within reach.

Activity forms include: thematic forums, media salon, media store visit, DIY activities, Consumer Salon, Parent-Kid activities, community events etc.

Representative activities include:
- Sustainable Seafood Week: Co-organised with Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), the Sustainable Seafood Week help retailers represent the achievement in sustainable procurement to further promote sustainable consumption in the retail industry. For example, AEON China made a commitment to procure 30% of its frozen seafood products to be MSC certified.
- Community Events: in cooperation with All China Federation, to deep root in the communities in Beijing City, to engage more consumers from all age.
- Online promotion: in cooperation with Vanke Foundation, especially on the topic of “Reduce Plastic Use”.

Thematic Forums:
15th August 2018- Forum on Organic Food and Lifestyles
6th September 2018 - Forum on Reducing Food Loss and Waste

The 2019 SCW launch event was held on 1st August in Beijing.

Impact and Results

The numbers of the SCW participating stores have grown nearly 20 times with the participating stores increasing from 80 to more than 1,500 by 2017, and almost 2,000 in 2019.

The stores who get involved are from all kinds of businesses such as supermarkets, fashion, department stores, household appliance industry, and furniture& furnishing industry. E-commerce enterprises, such as JD, have also joined.

The activities were held in more than 120 cities in China by 2017, influencing more than 30 million consumers.

Next steps and how to get involved

If you are interested in the SCW activities, please send an email to :

Ms. Chong Li