With the environmental impact of food waste reaching critical levels, more monitoring systems should be in place to calculate food waste costs in operations on a daily basis. In addition, hotel and restaurant managers are still using incomplete Key Performance Indicators, with the Food Cost percentage still being the industry standard, even if it does not accurately reflect food management efficiency.

As a response to this challenge, LightBlue Environmental Consulting has developed The PLEDGE on Food Waste, a pioneering third party audited standard design a pioneering third party audited standard designed to cut food waste, save on food costs and get organizations’ efforts recognized.

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  • Asia / Pacific

Sectors of activity
Waste, incl. Chemicals, Tourism

Type of initiative
Capacity Building & Implementation, Education & Awareness Raising, Research, Analysis, Assessment

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Business Sector

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The main objective is to offer organizations seeking to minimize their social and environmental footprint tailor-made solutions to cut operational expenses, increase employee efficiency and loyalty, and also improve the reputation of organizations that are operating more responsibly.


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Impact and Results

The project of LightBlue is about implementing a food waste prevention program at a resort, which led to the following results:

(1) 33% of absolute edible waste reduction;
(2) 36% of edible food waste reduction per-resident-night;
(3) 78,13 tonnes of edible waste reduction;
(4) USD 151,168 saved, over 12 months;
(5) Behavioural change from employees towards food waste (70 respondents): 92% (view on food waste changed), 93% would recommend the program, 92.2% followed the program with ease