Food Heroes is the leading food education curriculum for kids aged 5-9. We empower educators to transform children's dietary habits in the classrooms, at home, and in their communities. Food Heroes creates positive dietary habits that unleash the potential in children’s minds, bodies, and hearts. It is the first curriculum to link both personal and planetary health through a play-based gamified curriculum that may be used over the course of a year or as an ongoing tool.

Implemented in

  • Asia / Pacific
  • North America
  • China
  • United States of America

Sectors of activity
Water, Culture and recreation, Education, Food & Beverage

Type of initiative
Education & Awareness Raising

Start date


- Educate the public about their food choices and the impact those choices have on both their own bodies and the environment.
- Decrease meat consumption in China and other places where implemented
- Increase consumer choices towards sustainable food choices
- Trigger behavior change to reduce resource consumption through gamified curriculum for children
- Trigger behavior change to reduce resource consumption through parent education programming
- Trigger behavior change to reduce resource consumption through teacher training and school training program for whole community implementation
- Disseminate curriculum to as many partners and countries as possible
- Speak and attend local and national events to share sustainable lifestyle practices and games
- Increase local and national composting program to education and kickstart at-home worm composting projects
- 0 Decrease food waste at restaurants and in schools through public campaigns


As collected through the One Planet Reporting

Output level

Outreach and communication for SCP

  • Shanghai Media Group X WeWork Food and Sustainability Workshop
  • Discovery Channel China Documentary Series
  • Food Heroes. Eat. Play. Learn. Social Media Campaign
  • Food Heroes Live Online Classes

Knowledge resource and technical tool

  • Food Heroes Tool Kits and Online Teacher Training

Training for SCP

  • Food Heroes Teacher Training for the Virtual Classroom
  • Food Heroes Eat. Play. Learn. Teacher Training for Press Start Hong Kong

Outcome level

Education on SCP

  • Dantu School District Government Approval Process for Personal and Planetary Health curriculum, Food Heroes.

Impact and Results

Over 1 million children reached through our various channels over the past 4 years.
Expect to see behavior change over time in China, a leaning towards decrease in meat consumption and increase in more sustainable foods. Expect to see a decrease in food waste at schools and in homes. Expect to see in increase in local composting and regenerative practices in the home.