The unexpected flood marooned more than 30,000 (thirty thousand) house holds in the district. From KoshagumudaBlock , Balenga was one of Panchayats which was worst affected by the devastating flood. The flash flood had damaged standing crop 90 percent and damaged houses more than 70 percent making the people extremely vulnerable. Around 7000 house holds were under threat of sustaining livelihoods in this block

One Planet - Handle with Care

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Agricultural and Fishery, Environmental Services, Water, Culture and recreation, Education, Forestry

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Capacity Building & Implementation, Education & Awareness Raising, Research, Analysis, Assessment

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Civil society

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Pradeep Mahapatra

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- Employment generation through various intervention in the villages
- Reclaimation of land and community ponds to make them productive
- Building of community safety nets to make them prepared for disasters
- Community level institutions grooming to address their issues collectively
- Livelihood restoration for the improvement in their socio-economic condition
- Preparation of drought and flood mitigation mapping and village micro-plans for long term strategy to address the climate change issue and adaptation strategy


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Impact and Results

The project has resulted in 4 key outcomes i.e. i) institution strengthening, ii) land based livelihood promotion, iii) capacity building and iv) levearaging resources during the reporting period. These can be discussed as follows:

1. Institution strengthening

 VDC formed in all 18 villages
 22 Woman SHGs constituted
 15 number of Farmers’ Club have been formed

2. Diverse livelihood options created ensuring food and income security

• 10 no’s of community ponds/tanks have been renovated
• 6267 persondays generated under this programme.
• 123.5 acres of land proteted from sand siltation covering 287 farmers from 7villages (ST-238, SC-25and OBC-525; Marginal farmers – 288, Small farmer -63)
• 334 farmers benefited from 8 villages (ST - 249, SC - 45 and OBC – 40; Marginal farmers – 248, Small farmers – 86). Total land covered under this programme is 334 acres.
• 116 SHG members undertaken different kind of income generating activities
• 250 Quintals of Grain ( Paddy) stored in community grain bank covering 10 villages and 1153 families benefited by accessing the grain and ensuring food security during lean period
• Installation of 25 no. of bore-wells by the government is under process with support from lift irrigation department where community will pay only 10 percentages.
• Rs.10,000 generated as profit by people of 6 villages from pisciculture

3. Capacity enhancement

 16 farmers from 7 villages, 3 village animators and 2 staff capacited by attending different training progarmmes
 Cohesiveness among the community members increased and they are now taking decisions through VDC for the developmental work in their area

Next steps and how to get involved

This project was a multistake holders practice based program, fund from Tata Trust, program monitored by district Collector , Implemented by UDYAMA in collaboration with community and village development leaders