The Federation of Community based Tourism Organizations (FECTO), a national membership organization of community based tourism enterprises in Kenya, organized the Collaborative Innovation Workshop with the support of Switch Africa Green to enable sustainable tourism innovation for community initiatives in Kenya. Participants of the workshop included representatives from county government, Tour Operators (TOs), Community Based Tourism Organizations (CBTOs) and civil society organizations.

Sector of activity

Type of initiative
Capacity Building & Implementation, Education & Awareness Raising

Type of lead actor
Business Sector


Enable sustainable tourism innovation for community initiatives in Kenya.


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Impact and Results

Immediate outcomes were seen in terms of the matchmaking between CBTOs and TOs. Another milestone of the event was the introduction of the CBT marketing guideline, which aims to support CBTOs, TOs and counties in the improvement of their marketing strategies and sustainable development of business operations.

Participants discussed and prioritized policies that can support CBT development and sustainability. The presentation and dissemination of the CBT marketing guidelines fostered collaboration between the 8 counties and 5 civil society organizations that attended the event.