The initiative is to incubate real estate managers, Constructors, Builders, engineers, and stakeholders. This is to orientate and explore the possibilities of sustainable buildings in Nigeria for the next decade.

Implemented in

  • Africa


Sectors of activity
Environmental Services, Buildings and construction, Energy

Type of initiative
Capacity Building & Implementation, Education & Awareness Raising, Research, Analysis, Assessment

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Oluwatosin Ajide

Evaluation and Program Executive

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1) To get stakeholders together and discuss the importance of sustainable buildings
2) To educate stakeholders on roadmap and process of sustainable buildings
3) To map out the possibilities and roadmap of sustainable buildings
4) To identify and discuss the solution of the hindrance of sustainable building.
5) To create a network of sustainability building stakeholders


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Impact and Results

One of the major challenges facing Africa in combating climate change is the styles of building and the materials use in buildings. We hope to introduce and intimate stakeholders in buildings the possibilities of sustainable buildings in our drive to combat climate change. We believe strongly that if we could provide a sustainable roadmap for both old buildings and new buildings on how to reduce the emissions from buildings through constructions and other activities.