In May, 2019, Quantis hosted 4 dynamic sessions at Sustainable Brands Paris on 1) internal engagement, 2) sustainability brand positioning, 3) eco-design, and 4) crafting credible and inspiring consumer communications. In the fourth chapter, we welcomed Beatriz Martins Carneiro from UN Environment to present 10 principles from their Guidelines for Providing Product Sustainability Information to ensure credible communications.

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Environmental Services, Consumer Goods

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Education & Awareness Raising

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Amanda Martin

Head of Sustainability Communications


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The objective was to raise awareness, inform and educate marketing professionals on how to make more credible sustainability claims and communications. This audience has a responsibility to ensure all claims are done in the correct way, aligned with ISO guidelines and helping consumers make more informed choices on the more sustainable products. Marketers do not always know how best to make claims or which are the best practices for ensuring communications are reliable, comparable, relevant, etc. Especially when claiming on social or environmental benefits, it is crucial that these communications are done in the correct way. By educating the marketers responsible for making these claims, we can influence a broader set of people and ensure the next generation of product communications is done in the right way.


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Outreach and communication for SCP

  • Engaging on Sustainability: Choose your Own Adventure sessions at Sustainable Brands Paris - 4 dynamic sessions at Sustainable Brands Paris led by Quantis

Impact and Results

The session had over 50 guests present, representing many different consumer-facing brands from sectors including food&bev, apparel, retail, personal care and more. Many of the guests downloaded the guidance and have connected to learn more about making credible and engaging communications on sustainability.

Next steps and how to get involved

The conference is over, but if you are interested in presenting something similar to other companies, please feel free to contact me,