CICERONE is building a joint platform for efficient circular economy programming. If our societies are to make the switch to circular practices, all actors need to be involved and actively commit to transitioning a more sustainable economy. This is why CICERONE works in close cooperation with a variety of practitioners including government bodies, research & technology organisations, civil society, industry, innovative SMEs, startups, cities and investors.

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Implemented in

  • Europe and Central Asia

Sector of activity
Waste, incl. Chemicals

Type of initiative
Policy Frameworks & Tools, Research, Analysis, Assessment

Start date

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Shared by

Aina Eriksson

Stockholm Environment Institute

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CICERONE will establish a platform which will determine the priorities and
pathways for coordinated R&I for circular economy. In turn, this agenda will influence the priorities in future European, national and regional CE programmes.

This will lead to more synergy, sharing of results, and return on public investments in research and innovation.

CICERONE’s goals align as much as possible pan-European, national and regional research and innovation in order to speed up the transition to a European circular economy.


As collected through the One Planet Reporting

Output level

Outreach and communication for SCP

  • Workshop on Circular Economy (CICERONE) Platform

Impact and Results

We are building an understanding for circular economy within the European context, through an analysis of the state of the art and a benchmark against other world regions.

-Overview report on the definition and concept of the circular economy in from European perspective
-Report on current state of the art & understanding of the circular economy
-Framework for a circular economy strategic planning

We are defining a European circular economy agenda that responds to the joint policy priorities and needs of policy makers and market players.

-Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA)
-Guidance on methodology to update the agenda
-Impact assessment

We are building a lasting platform for programme owners to cooperate and speed up the transition to a circular economy.

-Benchmark of governance and financing models of European clusters and platforms
-Business model options and financial plan for the platform
-Governance model and statutes for the platform

Next steps and how to get involved

Join as a stakeholder. Stakeholder engagement is an essential part of creating a successful platform.

Join our events focused on circular economy to engage with relevant stakeholders in the field.