Chocothon (Chocolate+ hacking + marathon) is an initiative that was created as a platform for sustainable Ghanaian cocoa supply chains by Google Food Team, the Future Food Institute (FFI), and the International Trade Centre (ITC) with the goal of achieving progress toward sustainable production and consumption. The main premise of Chocothon is the role that digital technology can play to facilitate a shift towards more sustainable and socially equitable production model.

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Agricultural and Fishery, Forestry, Food & Beverage

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Capacity Building & Implementation, Education & Awareness Raising

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Tarek Soliman

Future Food Institute

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Organize crowdsourcing experiences, share technical expertise, and develop approaches to identifying and solving potential obstacles to the achievement of the platform imperative: Shared value within sustainable cocoa supply chains.

Conferences, workshops and meetings will allow the exchange of ideas, identification of challenges as well as the coordination of development and implementation of solutions that will benefit the platform members.

Bring actors together using cutting edge technology, by developing global public online tools and offline solutions such as applications that tackle obstacles to connect upstream to downstream actors in the cocoa supply chain.

The voices of cocoa farmers need to be heard and their interests need to be taken into account. This is a key success factor for companies that wish to secure a network of technically knowledgeable and empowered farmers to supply them with sustainable cocoa. The platform will support rebuilding trust in the cocoa supply chain by helping farmers tackle the obstacles they face by developing customized training and tools that contribute to solving the sustainability challenges they are experiencing.


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Impact and Results

The goal of connecting stakeholders was met at the two-day Hackathon in Ghana: 3 project ideas were developed with the goal of supporting small farmers in benefitting from digital technology to improve their market access and decision support for farm management. The winning project was Cocoa Sika team, which won one year of co-working space from Impact Hub Accra, focused its winning entry on production improvement for cocoa farmers. Under the slogan ‘Sika pa!’ (meaning ‘good money’), the team’s entry set out how to make it easier for Ghanaian cocoa farmers to access credit. The Cocoa Sika prototype – a mobile phone and web application – aims to give farmers access to low-interest loans and system awarding loyalty bonuses to the farmers. It also proposes to include access to a health insurance scheme. The second startup idea Vocoa won six months’ worth of co-working space from Ispace. Meanwhile, for its proposal for a one-stop shop and pictorial diagnostic tool for farmers to solve problems, Chocobites won US$ 450.

In addition to a three day conference to meet the goal of knowledge sharing, there was a three day training that benefited 163 actors from the cocoa value chain in Ghana in the use of market analysis and sustainability- related tools. The objective was to provide producers with better technical assistance regarding sustainable production.

A second Chocothon event was organized in Washington DC in collaboration with the World Cocoa foundation WCF with a two day hackathon and a two day conference.

Next steps and how to get involved

The next step would be establishing Innovation labs with this model as best practice that can be adapted to different Cocoa producing countries as well as different products. The Ghana experience continues to be a reference point for multistakeholder engagement, knowledge sharing and empowering primary producers. The Washington process is an outcome of the Ghana process that can support in the longer term the next stage of this initiative. A possible next goal is to put in place a world tour with moments of innovation, whereby we [Chocothon stewards] intervene on specific territorial challenges not only working on generic challenges.

Furthermore, we believe in the potential of introducing this practice to other sectors. There are various other organizations, with a focus on commodities that can only be produced in developing countries, such as the World Banana Foundation.