The theme of the 2019, the sixth edition of CRB’s Flagship Annual Conference is ‘Market Dynamics & Social Dilemmas of Promoting Sustainable Business’. Integrating sustainability into global and local value chains is becoming increasingly common, not only for creating equitable and inclusive growth, but also for shared value creation. While many recognize these new developments, there is a need for a shift in mindsets on what we perceive as growth and development.

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Consumer Goods, Education

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Education & Awareness Raising

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India and Sustainability Standards: International Dialogue and Conference (ISS) has successfully completed five years of bringing key national and international stakeholders together on sustainability/sustainable business/SDGs issues in India. ISS has consistently worked towards pushing and propelling the agenda of sustainable business by engaging with multiple stakeholders through a through a consensus and evidence-based approach. Designed and hosted by the Centre for Responsible Business (CRB), ISS has witnessed 5 years of action oriented deliberations on a variety of thematic and sector specific issues on sustainability – drawing the attention of Indian and international policy actors, government agencies, standard setters, large and small businesses, industry associations, civil society, academia, and media agencies.

To enhance the efficacy and outreach of these discussions CRB is developing a virtual platform with the objective to enable stakeholders to engage on sustainability/sustainable business promotion/SDGs all throughout the year – leading to ongoing dialogues, lasting impacts and positive changes. This multi-stakaholder engagement platform will be launched at the ISS conference in November, 2019.


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Impact and Results

In the sixth edition of CRB’s conference (India and Sustainability Standards), our endeavor, is to convene a diverse set of stakeholders to understand and deliberate on the opportunities and challenges of promoting sustainable business in an emerging economy like India. Balancing the aspirations of a demographically young and expanding economy on one hand and meeting the needs of the underserved on the other hand is a complex challenge. Through our discussions, we aim to address these challenges, particularly now, as India, an emerging economy sets a course for the next five years in an integrated global economy.

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