For effective awareness, it is imperative that students are constantly reminded of the impending dangers of climate change and global warming. For this reason, EEG organises its campus outreach programmes throughout the year wherein it visits schools and universities, participates in academic events and exhibitions as well as gives presentations and speeches on important environmental issues.

Implemented in

  • Middle East
  • United Arab Emirates

Sectors of activity
Environmental Services, Education, Scientific Research, Development and Innovation

Type of initiative
Capacity Building & Implementation, Education & Awareness Raising

Type of lead actor
Civil society

Start date

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Habiba Al Marashi


Emirates Environmental Group

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The main objectives of EEG’s Campus Outreach programmes are:
Supplement the ‘classical’ education system within the UAE and Middle East;
Introduce students to environmental issues that they may have not previously thought about or discussed;
Equip students with the right tools to think independently and broadly formulate their own views on issues related to sustainable development;
Promote environmental education as a fundamental subject in both the academic world and extra-curricular activities of schools and universities;

Equipping students with the ability to think proactively about the environment and sustainability at this stage will lead to conscientious adults who will adopt sustainable modes of consumption and production at a later stage.


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Impact and Results

To meet the challenges of transitioning to a Green Economy, it is essential to develop a Youth population aware of and concerned about environmental issues and its associated problems. Thus, Education for Sustainable Development provides the youth with the motivation to actively participate in identifying environmental problems and engages them to solve these individually and collectively.
Spreading the idea of sustainable development and environmental conservation can lead to:
A more inclusive coursework and curriculum;
Generation of new green investments; and
Increase in the number of interested youth to pursue green related job opportunities in the future

Next steps and how to get involved

To stimulate the spread of sustainable development, the government, private sector and civil society must create simple, practical yet effective campaigns that target different age categories, at schools, universities, workplaces, and homes. Such campaigns have proved successful in different countries and have resulted in positive behavioural changes.
Over the years, it is heartening to see the number of participating organisations and students steadily, proving that sustainability is an issue that interests our education sector.
However, we welcome like-minded organisations to partner with us to reach out to the youth base in the countries of the region to impart the idea of sustainability and environmentalism – be it in the form of sponsoring an event; holding national environmental competitions, delivering a presentation, developing short campaigns or just inviting a foreign school/university to the UAE.
We would also like to partner with experts in the field of sustainability and environmental conservation as speakers or to provide us with timely advice on important issues. Thus, stakeholders looking to get involved can contact us to be a resourceful people, partners / sponsors of the programme. We would also like to invite private sector entities to work with us all year round.