Prepared on behalf of Champions 12.3, this new report finds a compelling business case for action on food waste prevention in hotels.One third of all food produced in the world is never eaten. This has tremendous economic, social and environmental consequences.

In this new report, we demonstrate how reducing food waste in hotels can be a large financial opportunity to reduce costs, increase revenues, and engage staff and customers.

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Claire Kneller

Head of Food- WRAP Global


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Written on behalf of the Champions 12.3 network – the coalition of nearly 40 leaders from government, business and civil society - it calls upon hotel owners and managers to “target, measure and act”.

Through doing this, hotels can realise the business case for themselves. They will be making a significant contribution to the global effort to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goal 12.3 to halve food waste by 2030. This important goal is key to creating a more sustainable food system globally.

This report gives hotel owners clear tips on how to reduce their food waste, along with research showing the cost- effectiveness of doing this. The combination of these elements will encourage implementation of more sustainable and less wasteful food systems within the hotel industry.


The report has been published and is available for download. Along with a media release detailing the key findings of the report, an infographic is available for download , highlighitng the key ways hotel can reduce their food waste.

Impact and Results

The impact of the report is the fact it should encourage hotel owners to work on reducing food waste, giving them practical ways of doing this, as well as an economic argument showing how this is cost-effective, a key concern for retailers.

Next steps and how to get involved

The report can be downloaded from The Champions 12.3 or WRAP websites.