Open source seed systems aim to counter the exclusive rights belief using open source agreements and accelerate the innovation potential of many instead of a few leading to access and availability of diverse seeds. We propose to accelerate and scale our current work with frontrunner- SMEs -local small and medium scale seed enterprises -, innovation driven multistakeholder platforms and lobby and advocacy a policy levels in an increasing number of African countries and globally.

Altaf Qadri

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Food & Beverage

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Capacity Building & Implementation, Other

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Civil society

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It is Hivos’ strategy to work through multi-stakeholder initiatives to support their search for alternatives. Together we build viable business models for open source seed systems, create wider alliances through joint prototyping, research and learning, and we accelerate and scale our approaches through lobbying and advocacy. The result is an expanding pool of genetic resources that is available now and in the future for unrestricted use by scientists, farmers, and gardeners.


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SCP monitoring and reporting

  • annual report of the open source seed systems programme

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