ARCTIC is the global Alliance for Responsible, Circular and Transparent procurement of ICT. This new alliance aims to make laptops, smartphones and data centers more circular and sustainable through the power of procurement. ARCTIC will bring procurers and market players together, creating both short-term collaborative action and long-term change in the sustainability of the ICT value chain.

Implemented in

  • Europe and Central Asia
  • North America

Sectors of activity
Consumer Goods, Energy, Public Procurement

Type of initiative
Capacity Building & Implementation, Policy Frameworks & Tools, Other

Start date

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The initial focus of ARCTIC will be on making laptops, smartphones and data centers more sustainable and circular. We will push forward right from the start and create support for both regular and frontrunner procuring organizations and suppliers.

ARCTIC will;

Drive towards a harmonized market demand by drawing up harmonized procurement criteria that link to global certification schemes, such as EPEAT and TCO Certified.

Raise awareness and promote knowledge and expertise. It will provide guidance and training. Procurers and suppliers can execute pilots and share their learning experiences with their peers in one of the ARCTIC learning networks.

Drive innovation by developing a collaborative ICT roadmap and set a course for sustainable, circular and fair ICT in 2030. We will look at design, change management and supporting policy and legislation.


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No activities have yet been reported under this initiative

Impact and Results

Achieve policy goals, have a common definition of ‘circular’ and accompanying commitments under the Paris Agreement and the SDGs

Help enhance the sustainability of the ICT sector

Make sustainable procurement move forward by creating demand and buy-in

Share knowledge and experiences to support development and the staged implementation, before or by 2030, of 100% circular and transparent ICT products and services procurement
stay informed along the way to learn about, adapt to, develop and implement best circular practices

The ARCTIC program will be an established single multi-stakeholder program with industry, government, civil society and involved procurement parties to deliver upon the promise of a 100% circular and transparent ICT procurement chain

Next steps and how to get involved

Four stakeholder groups are identified:

Representatives of local, national, regional (e.g. European), public policy making bodies

Representatives of Procurement, IT departments and/or budget owners, at public and private organisations

Representatives of both upstream and downstream value chain partners.These
include for example raw material extractors, component manufacturers, assembly houses,
product designers, Brand owners, resellers/ distributors, users, re-manufacturers,
refurbishers, recyclers and logistic service providers

Non Governmental Organisations (NGO), Civil Society Organisations (CSO), Trade/Industry associations, Standard Setters and Standardisation bodies

Interested stakeholders can contact ARCTIC at