ACCELERATE aims to strengthen sustainable consumption and production of energy use in Pasig City and Paranaque City by enhancing the implementation of the Philippine Green Building Code and Energy Efficiency and Conservation Law across the board by inspiring action from the private sector and local communities.

Implemented in

  • Asia / Pacific
  • Philippines

Sectors of activity
Buildings and construction, Education, Energy

Type of initiative
Capacity Building & Implementation, Education & Awareness Raising, Other

200000 US$

Start date

End date


ACCELERATE will support the two cities in closing the gaps in the implementation of the PGBC at the local level, through capacitating policymakers and technical staff, which will lead to improvements in their building permit processes and their local green building ordinances. Likewise, the project will encourage and accelerate voluntary measures by relevant stakeholders from the private sector and citizens through a one-stop-shop online platform and Deputized Energy Officers as a last-mile approach to transforming energy use.

ACCELERATE aims to contribute to the shift towards sustainable consumption and production (SCP) patterns by influencing the drivers affecting the decision making of local government units, private sector actors and households in terms of energy use in their homes and buildings in their day-to-day lives.


As collected through the One Planet Reporting

Output level

Knowledge resource and technical tool

  • Pasig City Energy Profile
  • Parañaque City Energy Profile

Outreach and communication for SCP

  • Inception Workshop of the ACCELERATE Project in Parañaque City
  • Inception Workshop for the ACCELERATE Project in Pasig City

Impact and Results

1. Institutionalize sustainable energy practices through the localization of the Philippine Green Building Code. All local governments are mandated to implement the PGBC in their localities
Participating cities will institutionalize sustainable energy practices in the building sector with input and engagement from the relevant stakeholders.

2. Enhance the capacities of local governments and relevant stakeholders. The relevant stakeholders and the local government’s technical staff will receive training on conducting energy audits and benchmarking tools. Learnings from this will be incorporated in improving the building permit approval processes in their respective cities.

3. An online platform as a one-stop-shop for resources on energy efficiency and conservation and raise awareness of the PGBC. The platform will serve as a repository of knowledge products for project stakeholders and facilitate engagement with policymakers, the private sector, and city residents. The Deputized Energy Officers will educate and advocate for EE&C practices while functioning as a feedback loop for the energy concerns of their communities.

4. Contribute to the targeted overall emissions reduction by 10% in Pasig City and Paranaque City.