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How to report progress on SDG 12

Reporting is open throughout the year. The deadline for the current reporting period is 15 January, 2021.  

Online reporting for SDG 12 in under 10 minutes

All reporting on SDG 12 is done online via this website,, and is open until the 15th of January 2021.

The estimated time to report an activity is 4-7 minutes. The more you report and familiarise yourself with the reporting system, the faster your reporting will become.

On average more than 70% of the required fields are of multiple or drop-down selection, with only 5 open text fields, including short entries such as numbers, names and links. 

Quick video guide to reporting

Watch this 6 minute video for a quick guide on how to report, or continue to the step-by-step instructions below.

Step-by-step guide to reporting

1. Login to your My SCP account via the button on the top right of the website. 

If you don't already have an account, click the 'Create your account' button and follow the steps to set up your My SCP account.


2. On your My SCP page, click 'Reporting' on the  menu or click the One Planet reporting button below.


3. The reporting hub page will display all the projects you have uploaded to the SCP database. Scroll down to find the project you wish to report on and click the 'Report an activity' button under the relevant project.

If you have not yet added your project to the SCP database, you can upload it here before you start reporting.

Projects in the database provide a snapshot of the tools and solutions available in the network. Uploading your project contributes to the portfolio of your programme, increases your visibility, and further improves your reporting experience and overview.


4. Click on the dropdown menu in the right corner of the grey bar to select the language you wish to report in. The reporting tool is available in English, Spanish and French. 


5. To start reporting, select the group to which your organisation belongs, add your functional title, review that the other questions are pre-filled correctly, and click Next.


6. Select the type of activity that you are reporting on and the reporting questions associated to this activity will appear on the page below for you to complete.

Please note that not all questions are required, we still encourage you to submit as much information about your activity as possible. This will allow us to provide more visibility to your activities in communication materials and official reports

If you need support along the way, please scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the Need help? Box, where you will find the relevant contact information.


7. Once you have completed the questions, click the submit button at the bottom of the page and you will see a Thank You! message advising that your reporting was successful.

To report more activities please go to your My SCP space again and repeat the previous steps.

Please note that if you wish to edit your submission, you can do so through a link in your confirmation email or directly through your My SCP “One Planet Reporting” hub until January 15, 2020.


Additional questions?

Click here to read answers to Frequently Asked Questions on reporting.

Click here to find your contact person for guidance on reporting.


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