The municipality of Åtvidaberg in southeast Sweden is making the Sustainable Development Goals accessible to their citizens with the help of the Good Life Goals.
23 April 2020
  • Sustainable Lifestyles and Education


A promenade of sustainability

Åtvidaberg municipality is the second municipality in Sweden to publicly make use of the Good Life Goals as a tool to communicate with citizens the importance of sustainability in all aspects of development. The municipality created signs for each of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and placed them along an 8 km long promenade route throughout its urban area. Accompanying the signs were each of the Good Life Goals, meant to inform individuals on how they can individually act for sustainability, and collectively support their municipality. 


This promenade route is part of Åtvidaberg's Agenda2030 plan and the Swedish International Development Agency's (SIDA) larger campaign to raise awareness and action by Swedish municipalities and individuals. The municipality of Linköping organized a similar campaign in the city centre the summer of 2019. Read more about Linköping here.

Learn more about the Good Life Goals here.




  • Sustainable Lifestyles and Education
Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)