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Food Value Chain Consultations: submission of existing initiatives/solutions

Consultation series 1: Innovative Business and Policy Solutions

In addition to submitting initiatives/solutions, you could also nominate an expert to participate in the expert workshops on existing initiatives and solutions at prioritized stages of the food value chain to take place in April 2021. More information available here


Strengthening science-policy interface by adopting the value-chain approach to prioritise action is one of the key pillars in strengthening multilateral cooperation on Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP).

The value-chain approach is a methodology for science-based policy action on sustainable consumption and production. Its purpose is to identify key points of intervention within economic systems to reduce natural-resource use and environmental impacts caused by production and consumption, and to define a common agenda for action.

Critically, the value-chain approach goes beyond an understanding of where resource use and environmental impacts occur, to understand why this is happening and what the key points of intervention are for science-based policy action.

Building on the findings of the joint task group of the International Resource Panel and the One Planet network presented in the report “Catalysing science-based policy action on sustainable consumption and production: the value-chain approach and its application to food, construction and textiles”, the next step is to collaboratively define a common agenda for action by continuing the application of the value-chain approach in the high-impact sectors of food, construction and plastics and thereby ensuring its scientific foundation.

While these sectors are prioritised based on UNEA 4 resolution and One Planet recommendations to the High-Level Political Forum, the future discussions will also consider how best to extend the uptake of the value-chain approach to other key sectors. 

Food Value Chain consultations

Definition of the common agenda for action in high-impact sectors through the application of the value-chain approach will be collaboratively developed based on a series of consultations to take place throughout 2021.

As one of the high-impact sectors, Food is the focus of the first set of consultations, organized in three main series: 1) Innovative business and policy solutions; 2) Defining common agenda 3) Developing a roadmap for action.

Food Consultation series 1 is focused on Innovative Business and Policy Solutions. The objective is to understand what initiatives/solutions currently exist at different stages of the food value chain and to define gaps, opportunities, interlinkages, and trade-offs as the basis for the development of the common agenda.

In order to have the most comprehensive mapping of existing initiatives and solutions along the value chain that aim to improve natural resource use and decrease environmental impacts of the food sector, we invite you to share your initative/solution by filling out this form. The submissions are possible until 30th April 2021.

For any questions, contact Yulia Rubleva (

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