The deadline for applications has been extended to 21 February 2020
28 January 2020
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The Life Cycle Initiative has contributed since 2002 to enhance the capacities and skills on Life Cycle approaches worldwide. However, the number of LCA professionals in developing countries is still insufficient to meet local needs. These countries lack financial resources for acquiring LCA tools, data and/or expertise.

The Life Cycle Award has several aims in order to improve the situation. First, the award endeavors to strengthen capacities for putting life cycle thinking into effective practice in emerging and developing countries in targeted regions (Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, and Asia).  This can take the form of generating local Life Cycle knowledge and making it available to the stakeholders who will actually be using it. The award also aims to concretely demonstrate the value of using Life Cycle concepts in the specific context of the pilot project selected.

The award is open to a variety of stakeholder groups to apply: Non-for profit organizations representing producers, consumers, and governments/government agencies.

The application form can be submitted to, and more information is available on the Life Cycle Initiative website