The Conference has extended the deadline for receiving abstracts to May 1st 2020
27 March 2020
  • Sustainable Buildings and Construction

2nd International Conference on Circularity in the Built Environment (CiBEn)

The 2nd international conference on Circularity in the Built Environment (CiBEn) aims at becoming a major point of contact between researchers, engineers and practitioners in the area of green and sustainable construction. These topics call for a multi-disciplinary approach involving various research fields and expertise.

To this extent, CiBEn intends to provide all participating actors and stakeholders with the opportunity to exchange their ideas and showcases in advance/innovative technologies and methodologies to implement circularity in the European and worldwide construction sector.
Eight main topics embracing all different aspects related to the theme of circularity in the built and environment, and sustainable construction materials will be dealt with.

Among them, CDW Recycling Technologies, Sustainable Construction Materials, Circular Design & Management, Social Circular Economy, Standard Policy and Legislation, to mention a few.

CiBEn intends to provide researchers and industry experts with the opportunity to exchange their ideas and showcases in advanced/innovative technologies and methodologies to process and valorize primary and secondary construction materials in the context of circular economy and to facilitate the transition of the construction sector to fully circular economy model.

Corona Virus & extended deadline of submission of extended abstracts to May 1st, 2020

Due to the ongoing situation worldwide and to address the requests of authors in the concerned countries, the deadline of submission abstracts has been extended to May 1st, 2020.

Consequently, the final decisions are postponed to the end of May. We hope to receive the extended abstracts also from the colleagues who are currently facing unexpected troubles.

The extended abstracts address all conference topics, with a substantial response to the themes of CDW Recycling Technologies, Sustainable Construction Materials, Digitalization & Circularity, Circular Design, Circular Management, Social Circular Economy, Standards, Policy Legislation and Case Studies.

Please visit the following page for detailed information on how to submit an abstract:

  • Sustainable Buildings and Construction
Circularity, Housing