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Sr. Steve Haskew


Strategic, Sustainable, Commercial

at Circular Computing (Business Sector)

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Acerca de mi trabajo

Creating positive net environmental impacts within the Circular Economy and ICT Re-Use. Ultimately, providing carbon zero products, from a carbon zero organisation driven to contribute to a carbon zero future. Committed to COP21 and the United Nations SDG’s, we are laser focused and prepared to be the disruptors in the industry, and able to influence a significant change - for the greater good of all who are aligned with us upstream. Leading the IT market in sustainability, I focus on adding value to our supply chain partners and clients, by helping them to align the Sustainability; IT; Finance and Board agendas focusing on: - 1. Raw material and rare earth mineral preservation in production. 2. Greenhouse gas reduction and carbon compensation initiatives. 3. Preservation of earths minerals – putting responsibility alongside human rights. 4. Preservation of energy and water in production. Bridging the gap between need and sustainability in IT.

Áreas de especialización

Sectors of activity

Environmental Services, Education, Public Procurement


Europe and Central Asia, Middle East, North America