UN Environment: 10 years of action to accelerate the shift to Sustainable public procurement at national, regional and global levels

his case study summarizes 10 years of action of UN Environment in the field of Sustainable Procurement. From 2008 to 2017, UN Environment supported 18 countries on SPP implementation through the UN Environment SPP Approach. The organization took a leading role in the establishment and development of the One Planet (10YFP) SPP Programme, an international collaborative platform which develops solutions to improve the performance of SPP, monitor and supports implementation throughout the world.

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10 YFP
Sustainable Public Procurement


Presentacion que contiene información sobre las compras públicas sostenibles en la administración feredal de Brasil. Profundiza los siguientes temas: compras sostenibles, bienes, obras y tecnología sostenibles.

Presentation containing information on public procurement in the Brazilian administration. It  deepens the following themes: sustainable procurement, sustainable goods, works and technology.

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10 YFP