Advance SCP in Peru Results - Hydroelectric Power Plants

This material presents the results of the Advance SCP project in Peru related to the National LCA Database, PERU LCA
The Advance SCP project promotes sustainable consumption and production (SCP) patterns in eight emerging economies spread across SouthEast Asia, Africa and Latin America. The project takes the countries’ needs and preferences into consideration: For instance, the UN Environment-led activities in Peru aim to sthrenght the use of LCA in public policies

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Green Public Procurement in Europe - Conclusions and recommendations

Reporte sobre el estado de las Compras Públicas Verdes (Green Public Procurement – GPP) en Europa que contiene buenas prácticas obtenidas de documentos de licitación analizados; y provee recomendaciones para los formuladores de políticas para aumentar la cantidad y calidad de las GPP y para implementar planes de acción nacional.

Report on the state of Green Public Procurement (GPP) in Europe that contains good practices gathered from analyzed tender documents; and provides recommendations to policymakers in order to increase the quantity and quality of GPP and to implement national action plans.

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