The China Environmental United Certification Center (CEC) launched a new certification scheme to facilitate green choice and incentivize the automobile industry to improve in-vehicle air quality
25 November 2020
  • Sustainable Public Procurement
Human in the interior of a vehicle

As an important means to transport, better in-vehicle air quality has increasingly attracted attention. Automobile interior decoration materials are the key to improve in-vehicle air quality and tackle the in-vehicle air pollution - which in turn makes them the basic components to build the “ecological” and “healthy” automobile brands for enterprises.

To support this development, tn Ecological Product Certification Program for Automobile Interior Materials was launchedby China Environmental United Certification Center (CEC). With years of experiences on China Environmental Labelling products of textile products and leather products, CEC in collaboration with GEELY Automobile Research Institute, Nanjing, Customs Textile Product Testing Center, Shanghai, Automotive Group and Shanghai Micro Spectrum Auto Technology etc., jointly formulated the technical specification and the implementation rules of certification.

The program aims to tackle the harmful substances of the interior decoration materials including plastics, textile, leather and rubber, the main source of in-vehicle pollution, in an effort to control the environmental pollution and improve the in-vehicle air quality. The program introduces the concept of grade evaluation, focusing on the management of Chemicals of Concern (CoC) for CMR (Carcinogenic, Mutagenic, toxic to Reproduction) substances and proposes three grade indexes of harmful substances limitation for textile and leather materials, namely three-star, four-star and five-star. Among them, the index of five-star grade requirement is the strictest, for which the relevant hazardous substances limitation is stricter than the similar ecological index of “baby level” requirement for textile and leather materials.

The first certificate of Ecological Product Certification Program for Automobile Interior Materials was issued by CEC this August, with the examined vehicle model being awarded the highest grade meeting the requirements of the technical specification for the five-star limitation of harmful substances. 
The program focuses on the hot issue of consumption, but simultaneousl, it is not only providing a more powerful means of green choice, but also exploring a new approach to effectively enhance confidence of pursuing excellence in the automobile industry.

  • Sustainable Public Procurement