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Demonstration Projects

10YFP Trust Fund (Phase 1: 2012-2017)

This fund was established in 2012 as one of the means of implementation of the Ten Year Framework of Programmes on Sustainable Consumption and Production Patterns (10YFP). 57 projects were selected for funding under calls for proposals for all six thematic programmes of the One Planet network. It was considered a priority in the first phase of the 10YFP to ensure that support from the Trust Fund was made available to all six programmes.

Taking into account the objectives of the 5-year strategy as well as those of the UN Secretary-General in repositioning UN development system to achieve Agenda 2030, the 10YFP Trust Fund has entered its second phase in the form of One Planet Multi-Partner Trust Fund for SDG 12.



Projects selected under the 10YFP Trust Fund:



Sustainable Public Procurement Programme


Project: Establishment and Implementation of Green Public Procurement (GPP) in Quezon City for the Promotion of SCP in Philippines

Implementing Entity: Philippine Centre for Environment Protection and Sustainable Development      


Project: Mainstreaming SPP in the Western Cape Province through performance-based procurement

Implementing Entity: International Institute for Sustainable Development 


Project: Towards Sustainable Public Procurement System in Uruguay 

Implementing Entity: United Nations Office for Project Services 



Consumer Information for SCP Programme


Project: China Sustainable Consumption Research Program: Consumer Awareness and Behaviour Change in Sustainable Consumption

Implementing Entity: China Chain Store & Franchise Association


Project: Sustainable Consumption Platform: Mi Código Verde

Implementing Entity: Fundacion Chile


Project: Promoting SCP concepts in Sri Lanka through facilitating accessibility information

Implementing Entity: Sri Lanka National Cleaner Production Centre Sri Lanka (NCPC)



Sustainable Lifestyles and Education Programme


Project: SCRIPT (Sustainable Consumption and Recycling Interventions for Paper and Textiles) for Reducing Urban Climate Footprints, India and Bangladesh

Implementing Entity: South Asian Forum for Environment (SAFE), India


Project: Direct use of geothermal energy for the promotion of sustainable production model in rural areas in Chile

Implementing Entity: Universidad de Chile


Project: Upscaling Sound Food Waste Management Practices through Youth and Community Education in Schools and Institute of Higher Learning, Malaysia

Implementing Entity: Forum Air Malaysia


Project: Sustainable lifestyles among rural families in Zimbabwe: Small-scale conservation farming to change lifestyles in Africa and beyond

Implementing Entity: Development Aid from People to People Zimbabwe (DAPP)


Project: Education for Sustainability and Consumption

Implementing Entity: Alana Institute, Brazil


Project: Promoting Environmental Best Practices in Cameroon through Music

Implementing Entity: Resource Centre for Environment and Sustainable Development


Project: Food waste in South Africa: capacity building through research and trial of cellular application to reduce on-farm food waste and increase food distribution

Implementing Entity: Environmental Learning Research Centre (ELRC), Rhodes University


Project: Better by design: replicating promising practices, tools and methodologies to support and enable companies in Latin America to improve sustainability of their food and beverage products – Peru, Nicaragua, Honduras

Implementing Entity: World Resources Forum


Project: Solar energy for low-carbon sustainable lifestyles in Solal, Aygavan and Malishka rural communities of Armenia

Implementing Entity: Armenian women for health and healthy environment


Project: How emerging urban youth can be an engine for more low-carbon, sustainable lifestyles: beginning in Bogota

Implementing Entity: El Bosque University


Project: Showing the sustainable lifestyle behaviour and technologies for efficient households in Zambia

Implementing Entity: VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland


Project: A new approach of reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emission through changing lifestyle toward water and electricity saving in urban households in Danang, Vietnam

Implementing Entity: Environment protection Research Centre, Danang University of Technology (EPRC-DUT)


Project: Upscale and Mainstream Green Office Lifestyles in Vietnam

Implementing Entity: Asian Institute of Technology Center in Vietnam


Project: Implementation Monitoring of CO2 Reductions for Sustainable Lifestyles Activities for Climate Change Mitigation

Implementing Entity: Institute for Global Environment Strategy (IGES)


Project: Envisioning Future Low-Carbon Lifestyles and Transitioning Instruments (Phase 1)

Implementing Entity: Institute for Global Environment Strategy (IGES)

                       Project: Envisioning Future Low-Carbon Lifestyles and Transitioning Instruments (Phase 2)

                       Implementing Entity: Institute for Global Environment Strategy (IGES)


Project: Sustainable Lifestyles in the Workplace (Bogota and Marrakesh)

Implementing Entity: UN Environment Programme Resources and Markets Branch


Project: 4 Billion Dreams Sustainable Lifestyles Challenge

Implementing Entity: UN Environment Programme Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific


Project: Promoting Sustainable Food Consumption in India

Implementing Entity: Centre for Sustainable Agriculture


    Project: Solar energy for improved rural livelihoods in Peru

                      Implementing Entity: Fondo Verde Internacional


      Project: The recovery of traditional rice and wheat cultivation for food sovereignty in integrated agro-ecological production systems, Colombia

                      Implementing Entity: Fundacion UTA


      Project: South Africa Plastics Pact

                      Implementing Entity: WRAP (The Waste and Resources Action Programme)


      ProjectPolycentric Infrastructure and Community Development Paradigm for Sustainable Urban Transitions (PICD-SUT)

                      Implementing Entity: Seeds of Opportunity


          ProjectSustainable landscapes pilot project in two communities - Papua New Guinea

                      Implementing Entity: Foundation for People and Community Development, Inc.


          Project: Encouraging young specialists to power the agri-food value chains and building sustainable business models

                      Implementing Entity: Armenian Women for Health and Healthy Environment


       Project: ACCELERATE: Active City-Community Engagement to Leverage Emissions Reduction through Activities that Transform Energy-use

                      Implementing Entity: ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability



       Project: Search for Sustainable Schools: Coordination

                     Implementing Entity: Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES)


         Project: Search for Sustainable Schools: Philippines

                     Implementing Entity: Philippine Centre for Environmental Awareness and Sustainability


         Project: Search for Sustainable Schools: Kyrgyz Republic

                     Implementing Entity: Institute for Regional Development


         Project: Search for Sustainable Schools: South Africa

                     Implementing Entity: African Conservation Trust


           Project: Search for Sustainable Schools: Namibia

                     Implementing Entity: Ministry of Environment and Toursim


       Project: Search for Sustainable Schools: Brazil

                     Implementing Entity: AKATU Institute for Conscious Consumption


       Project: Search for Sustainable Schools: Suriname

                     Implementing Entity: SUWAMA Foundation


Sustainable Tourism Programme


Project: Creating a sustainable community tourism model for South Africa

Implementing Entity: Africa!Ignite


Project: Inca Alliance for Sustainable Tourism: Public Private Partnership Model for Innovative and Sustainable Eco-Tourism in historical-cultural and natural destinations in Peru

Implementing Entity: Grupo GEA


Project: Sustainable Tourism Enterprise Programme for the South Pacific

Implementing Entity: Sustainable Travel International



Sustainable Buildings and Construction Programme


Project: Implementation phase of the Sustainable Construction Policy in the Aburrá Valley, Colombia

Implementing Entity: Área Metropolitana del Valle de Aburrá, Colombia


Project: Mainstreaming sustainable social housing in India

Implementing Entity: Oxford Brookes University, UK


Project: Development of Sustainable Housing Design Tool “SHERPA”, Kenya/Burkina Faso/Nepal

Implementing Entity: UN-Habitat


Project: Sustainability Assessment of Nabta Smart Town (NST) and Actions for Improvement

Implementing Entity: VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland


Project: Responsible sourcing system implementation in Colombia, Costa Rica and Panama

Implementing Entity: Concrete Sustainability Council (CSC)



Sustainable Food Systems Programme



Project: Measurement and management of fruit and vegetable losses in the production stage at the national level  in Chile

Implementing Entity: FAO Chile

Project: The Southern African Sustainable Seafood Initiative (SASSI): Safeguarding our seafood value chain in Southern Africa

Implementing Entity: WWF South Africa


Project: Supporting smallholders towards improved livelihoods and sustainable production (Malaysia and Indonesia)

Implementing Entity: Roundtable of Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO)


Project: Whey recovery and valorization in SMEs in the Argentine dairy basin, through public-private partnership

Implementing Entity: Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development, Ministry of Agro Industry


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