A Webinar to discuss the sustainability risks and challenges connected to data center products
2 April 2020
  • Sustainable Public Procurement

Original information about the webinar

DATE: 15 April 2020

TIME: 15:00 CET

IT products in data centers are connected to both social and environmental sustainability risks throughout their life cycle. Whether you host your own data center or purchase the service, as a purchaser you can make responsible choices that help reduce the negative impact these products pose on the environment as well as improve the social conditions in the supply chain.

TCO Development is organising a webinar to talk about the risks and challenges connected to data center products, and learn about opportunities through best practice examples. Participants will get insights into the complexity of data center products and their supply chains. You will get practical tips that help you make more sustainable choices of IT products.


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Sören Enholm,
TCO Development

Moderated by: Cassandra Julin, TCO Development


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  • Sustainable Public Procurement