WAR ON WASTE: Reducing food loss and food waste


Pick n Pay’s ‘War on Waste’ is a set of stretch goals that will deliver significant shifts by 2020. We have developed a comprehensive three tiered waste reduction strategy. The strategy is centered on the following three focus areas: 1.Prevention of was...

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Advance SCP in Peru Results - Hydroelectric Power...

This material presents the results of the Advance SCP project in Peru related to one of the prioritised sectors: hydroelectric power plants. The Advance SCP project promotes sustainable consumption and production (SCP) patterns in eight emerging economies spread across SouthEast Asia, Africa and Latin America. The project takes the countries’ needs and preferences into consideration: For instance, the UN Environment-led activities in Peru aim to develop Life Cycle Inventory data for refineries, hydroelectric power plants and landfills and a National Economic Input-Output Life Cycle Assessment (EIO-LCA) database.