Environmental footprint for hotels in Morocco

This report describes the implementation of a methodology to assess the environmental footprint of hotels in Morocco, to improve performance and to inform consumers through a label. The latter covers four areas: Impact on climate change, water consumption, non-renewable resources consumption, and percentage of products that are certified organic. The report describes the process and mitigation potentials identified.

Towards a climate friendly accomodation sector through...

This study for the carbon footprint and a Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Action (NAMA) in the sector of Tourism in Morocco proposes to ‘eliminate’ emissions from an entire subsector, accommodation, which in 2015 represented 10% of emissions from Moroccan tourism. This will make a significant contribution to emission reductions, specifically considering the anticipated growth of the sector with another 200,000 beds by 2030. The NAMA will also generate global attention, as Morocco would be the first country in the world to pursue a sector-wide decarbonization strategy in tourism. The cost of achieving this goal are moderate, and provide the simultaneous benefit of reducing operating costs and vulnerabilities related to future fluctuations in energy cost, while also improving national energy autonomy.

Advance Sustainable Consumption and Production in...

Advance Sustainable Consumption and Production in Morocco was identified as an outstanding example of good practice in the field of climate projects by contributing to low carbon development including activities, that are transferable to other countries in MENA or in other regions.
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