Shout it Out: Communicating Products' Social Impacts -...

This White Paper’s primary objective is to identify good practices of product-level social impact communication that can provide inspiration, and be built upon or replicated. It identifies relevant principles, criteria and means to communicate such impacts, including recommendations on integrating social impact communication with more well-established environmental impact communication tools.

Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP) in Sri...

This project seeks to improve sustainability in the agri-food sector in Sri Lanka through improving access to information raises awareness on sustainability issues at a national level: Strengthening sustainable consumption drive in the country Creating synergies between the Consumer Information Programme and Green Public Procurement, Eco-innovation, and the Switch Asia SCP Policy Support Component in the country
Consumer Information for SCP Consumer Information for SCP

Consumer Awareness Survey on Sustainable Consumption...

This survey is part of the CI-SCP Trust Fund project “Promoting SCP in Sri Lanka through facilitating accessibility to information”. Its objectives are twofold: First, to identify the awareness and education level of Sri Lankan consumers on sustainability issues, their ability to use environmental information in decision making. Second, to identify the sustainability concerns of Sri Lankan consumers toward Food Products (in terms of health, safety, quality and etc.).