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One stop for a global mapping and assessment of standards, labels and claims on plastic packaging


Plastics was adopted as the theme across the One Planet network for 2020-2021. Further to this the 4th UN Environment Assembly Resolution 6 on Marine litter and microplastics:

“requests the Executive Director, through UNEP’s 10-Year Framework of Programmes on Sustainable Consumption and Production patterns, to develop guidelines for the use and production of plastics in order to inform consumers, including about standards and labels; to incentivize businesses and retailers to commit themselves to using sustainable practices and products; and to support governments in promoting the use of information tools and incentives to foster sustainable consumption and production”.

The actions undertaken across the One Planet network focus on a common narrative that builds on the evidence and knowledge produced by UNEP, while leveraging the different expertise and partnerships within the programmes of the One Planet network.

Contributions of the CI-SCP Programme


The Consumer Information programme has mobilized it's network to deliver a number of products and activities which contribute to the overall One Planet Network-Wide Plastics Initiative, and many others are on the way. 

Report: Can I Recycle This? A Global Mapping and Assessment of Standards, Labels and Claims on Plastic Packaging

The report was developed through a collaborative effort led by Consumers International and the United Nations Environment Programme [UNEP]. 

The report maps existing standards, labels and claims on plastic packing regarding sustainability characteristics such as bio-based content, compostability or recyclability. Through an expert consultation, identified labels and claims are then assessed against the five fundamental principles of the Guidelines for Providing Product Sustainability Information. The report concludes by providing five recommendations for clearer and more effective communications about materials, production, recyclability and disposal of plastic packaging.

You can download the full version of the report here


In order to further disseminate information about the report on the global mapping and assessment of standards, labels and claims on plastics packaging, webinars have been organised with stakeholders of the One Planet network.

  • Launch Webinar: Find out more about the report and listen to the full recording of the launch webinar.
  • Webinar for National Focal Points: The discussion in this webinar focused on the role of governments in the communication of sustainability information to consumers, and how to improve their understanding of the current landscape regarding plastic packaging.

NEW: Key messages and Case Studies

The Programme has developed a series of 3 Key Message Papers for businesses, governments and standard-setters and labelling organisations to effectively implement the 5 recommendations of the "Can I Recycle This?" report to help improve consumer communications on plastic packaging. 

5 Case Studies have also been developed as examples on how to provide credible sustainability information on plastic, see below:

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