Advance SCP in Peru Results - Hydroelectric Power Plants

This material presents the results of the Advance SCP project in Peru related to the National LCA Database, PERU LCA
The Advance SCP project promotes sustainable consumption and production (SCP) patterns in eight emerging economies spread across SouthEast Asia, Africa and Latin America. The project takes the countries’ needs and preferences into consideration: For instance, the UN Environment-led activities in Peru aim to sthrenght the use of LCA in public policies

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Seminario web para la difusión de cursos virtuales sobre CPS y EL / Webinar for the dissemination of virtual courses on SPP and EL

• Contextualización de las CPS y la estrategia naciona
• Plan de Acción Nacional de CPS
• Desarrollo de los cursos virtuales
•Objetivos de aprendizaje
•Navegación de la plataforma

• Contextualization of SPP and the national strategy
• National CPS Action Plan
• Development of virtual courses
   • Contents
   •Learning objectives
   • Navigation of the platform

Published in 2019 by
Available in:
  • Spanish
10 YFP
Sustainable Public Procurement