"Colombia considers the Online Platform for Sustainable Public Procurement for Latin America and the Caribbean -LAC- as a very important tool for the implementation and strengthening of national actions in this area. It is attractive to have a platform that allows to know the advances in the different LAC countries, the tools and processes that have been carried out, the opportunities and challenges, as well as the direct contact that can be effectuated with the main actors of the public entities that facilitate the exchange of knowledge and strengthen the processes in the formulation of public policy. It is of an utmost importance that the suppliers of goods and services have access to information on the sustainability criteria that are required in the contracting processes in order to enhance their business competitiveness and the opportunity to offer increasingly sustainable goods and services in the markets. From the side of the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development, we have developed important tools for public entities so as to make purchasing decisions based on life cycle analysis, the the effectiveness of spending and using money, taking into account the cost-benefit relation, as well as the necessary steps for an implementation in each entity of the national, regional, and local order. It will be very pleasant to be able to share our experience in Sustainable Public Procurement, and in the same way it will be necessary to be able to nourish our way with all the experience that is carried in the region."

Ricardo Jose Mendoza Mogollon, Profesional Especializado, Dirección de Asuntos Ambientales Sectorial y Urbana, Ministerio de Ambiente y Desarrollo Sostenible, Colombia


"The important weight of public procurement systems on the national GDP makes it a strategic tool in the implementation of economic and social development policies. In the case of Chile, through ChileCompra, more than 4% of annual GDP is transacted.

We believe that, using the purchasing power of the State, production and consumption models that generate the highest value for money for the countries can be promoted, reaching the best balance between efficiency, economy and efficacy. In Chile, it is also assumed that the most advantageous combination between the results of the good or service to be acquired must be ensured, with all the associated costs (acquisition, handling, maintenance and disposal of final waste).

In Chile, we have carried out various actions to promote sustainability in the purchase, such as work to reduce barriers for the participation of smaller companies and ensure the timely payment of their invoices; the promotion of women's participation in the public procurement market; the publication of recommendations for buyers on how to incorporate sustainability considerations into their purchases; joint energy purchase actions to increase efficiency; as well as our Internal Sustainability Committee.

The path of sustainable development is still long and with many obstacles, but from our role as coordinating agency for purchases in Chile, we are determined to bet on sustainable purchases in order to achieve the highest value for money for our citizens."

Trinidad Inostroza, ChileCompra


"It is necessary that the public purchase move towards objectives that allow it to be not only an administrative activity to acquire goods and services; it must become an engine of development for our countries and contribute to national environmental, social and economic policies.
With the SCP Platform we have in hand a valuable tool for the construction of sustainable policies that will contribute to the public purchase and its positive multiplier effects impact on the welfare of citizens in a much more direct and profitable way. "

Melinna Vázquez
In charge of Sustainable Public Purchases
National Directorate of Public Procurement - Paraguay.




Costa Rica






  • Sistema Interactivo de Eficiencia Energética  del Ministerio de Energía y Minas que brinda información para la adquisición de productos a partir de etiquetas de eficiencia energética, entre otros.

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