About Compras Sostenibles

The online platform Compras Sostenibles was created as a result of the Sustainable Public Procurement and Ecolabelling (SPPEL) to collect the SPP and ecolabelling information pertaining to the countries of the region, limit duplication of efforts and facilitate the transfer of information. It is a free collaborative platform to learn, network and share on SPP matters in Latin America and the Caribbean. 

Everyone can access a library of resources curated by SPP experts, meet and connect with other people interested in this area, learn about core concepts of SPPsee what is happening in the region and find out which initiatives are going on.

The SPPEL project was aimed at combining sustainable public procurement and eco-labelling to stimulate the demand and supply of sustainable products in target countries and regions. It aimed to establish the foundations for the development of successful eco-labelling and SPP policies and supported countries in the design and implementation of effective SPP and eco-labelling action plans. The project was implemented in a number of different countries across Latin America, Africa and Asia.

Supporting Institutions

United Nations Environment

Organization of American States