Workshop on circular built environment priorities and action points in Latin America
27 November 2020
  • Sustainable Buildings and Construction

The UN One Planet Network’s (OPN) Sustainable Buildings and Construction (SBC) Programme has been working on a global state of play report on circularity in the built environment. We were seeking input from the building and construction experts in various regions across the world. The Programme invited Laitn American Circular Built Environment experts to provide their thoughts and comments on the rankings for the sustainable development goals (SDGs) and the core indicators to be considered (or not) from amongst the list the Programme has chosen. 

Main findings from 100 responses to the SBC Programme's circularity indicator survey and highlights from the regional report were shared followed by discussion and workshopping on the priorities and action points in Latin America.

SBC has conducted a survey to seek feedback from built environment experts on the core indicators for circular built environments (CBE) globally, through ranking the importance of the SDGs and prioritising the indicators corresponding to respective targets. The SDGs were discussed with a small group of experts having experience in SBC work at least in Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Nicaragua and El Salvador. SBC has a mandate to implement SDG12 to accelerate the shift towards sustainable consumption and production (SCP) patterns. The group identified other important sustainable development goals for circularity SDG4 Education and SDG9 Industry, and after those SDG6 Water, SDG7 Energy, SDG8 Employment and SDG11 Cities.

The results of the workshop and key points of the discussion are now available. To download the resources, please follow this link.

  • Sustainable Buildings and Construction
Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)