'Well-dressed in a Green Environment' outlines a wide range of initiatives covering everything from green procurement, to supply chain management to design for circularity.
12 November 2018
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Nordic Action Plan for Sustainable Fashion & Textiles

The fashion and textile industry is an important export industry for the Nordic countries, but at global level it is one of the most polluting and resource-intensive industries. 

The Nordic Action Plan 'Well-dressed in a Green Environment' takes a key step in tackling this. The vision is for a Nordic fashion and textile industry that is a world leader in sustainable design, consumption and production, and that makes a positive contribution to sustainable development and green growth, both in the nordic region and globally. The Action Plan aims to achieve this through a range of measures aimed at all parts of the value chain and at all geographical scales from local to international. 

4 focus areas

- Promoting sustainable nordic design (chapter 4) 
- Lowering the environmental impact in production (chapter 5)  
- Increasing the market for environmentally friendly fashion and textiles (chapter 6) 
- Encouraging a market trend toward more recycling and reuse (chapter 7)


The Action Plan has firmly established the drive for a sustainable Nordic fashion and textile industry on the agendas of national governments, brands, industry associations, designers and many other stakeholders. It has been downloaded several thousand times.

It has led to six concrete initiatives which themselves have developed a range of outputs that have influenced different parts of the value chain. 

It provides a blueprint which other countries and regions can follow for greening the industry. The Action Plan also established the Nordic Council of Ministers as the body taht would provide Nordic inputs to international work and policy initiatives within textiles and sustainability. It ihas for example provided concrete Nordic proposals for a textile theme within the EU Strategy for a Non-toxic Environment. The Action Plan also proposed international efforts to encourage the use of environmental accounts in the textile industry, and including textiles as a theme within the 10YFP. The creation of a textile hub within the One Planet Network is a first step in this latter proposal.

Steps forward

If you are looking for more information contact the project manager: Birgitte Jørgensen Kjær at the Danish Environmental Protection Agency -  bjk@mst.dk


Downoload full text of the Nordic Action Plan 'Well-dressed in a Green Environment' here.

Overview of 6 projects carried out under the Nordic action plan for sustainable fashion and textiles is available here.

  • Sustainable Lifestyles and Education
  • Sustainable Public Procurement
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