How can the SCP agenda be made more in line with Fair Trade movement values? How to make prices that reflect the living wage a key element of SCP?
14 January 2020
Webinar invitation SCP policies

Fair Trade Advocacy Office Webinar

Sustainable Consumption and Production CP policies: fair enough?  

On-line panel: “Sustainable consumption and production policies: fair enough?” from Fair Trade Advocacy Office on Vimeo.

Next steps: Fair Trade Advocacy Office is now drafting a discussion paper on the links between the Sustainable Consumption and Production and Fair Trade movement values. If you wish to give input to this paper (and receive the final paper when ready), please add your contact details here.

Original Webinar Details

Thursday, January 16, 2020

11:00 AM - 12:30 PM (CET)


  • Leida Rijnhout, Sustainability and Systemic Change Consultant: how sustainable consumption and production policies could be better aligned with Fair Trade movement values


  • Charles Arden-Clarke, Head One Planet Network -10YFP- Secretariat
  • Elizabeth Gachiri, UNCTAD Competition and Consumer Policies Branch


  • Open for webinar participants to share views, reactions and thoughts for next steps

This webinar is part of a reflection process led by the Fair Trade movement on how to sustainable consumption and production agendas could better reflect Fair Trade movement values. If you wish to receive the discussion paper (when ready) as well as the recording of the webinar, please add your contact details here.

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