View this webinar to learn more about the free EDGE software and the benefits of EDGE certification for the residential market.
8 January 2019
  • Sustainable Buildings and Construction
Digital image - Rows of houses with front yards, cars, road, infrastructure and green area behind

View this webinar to learn more about the free EDGE software and the benefits of EDGE certification for the residential market. The webinar focus on case studies of EDGE-certified homes in the affordable market, showcasing how practical green measures can keep the costs low but increase benefits for investors, developers and home buyers. EDGE has certified almost 60,000 residential units around the world.

The webinar was led by Rusmir Musić, the Global Business Development Lead for EDGE with a case study by EchoStone, an EDGE Champion with ambitions to develop over 200,000 green certified homes in Nigeria.

The webinar is co-sponsored by the Sustainable Buildings and Construction Programme of the One Planet Network, the Centre for Affordable Housing Finance in Africa and Habitat for Humanity.

Listen to the webinar here: 

Recording Part 1

Recording Part 2

  • Sustainable Buildings and Construction
Circularity, Climate Change, Energy, Housing, Innovation, Lifecycle, Natural Resources, Procurement, Systems change, Value chain