The third edition will be held virtually given the COVID-19 pandemic.
29 January 2020
  • Sustainable Food System

The 3rd Global Conference of the Sustainable Food Systems Programme will be held virtually.

The purpose of this 3rd global conference is to define actions to make food environments more conducive to sustainable and healthy diets, strengthen a common vision to make multi-stakeholder collaboration a reality, and raise the political importance of sustainable food systems among public and private sector leaders. Previous editions of the conference harnessed consensus on a range of priority areas for action. The 1st global conference in South Africa concluded with the Pretoria Resolution, while the 2nd global conference in Costa Rica finalized with the San José Call to Action.

This 3rd global conference comes at a crucial time, after what has been a landmark year. In 2019 the world experienced an awakening to the reality of the climate emergency, taking stock of the enormous role of our food systems. Landmark scientific reports by the IPCC on Land Use and by IPBES on the state of our planet's biodiversity caused many to stop ignoring the alarms.

Responding to these urgencies, the UN Secretary General announced the UN 2021 Food Systems Summit, which is to be presumably held back-to-back with the UN General Assembly on what will be its 75th anniversary. Alongside, the Convention on Biological Diversity will hold its 15th Conference of Parties to crucially negotiate a new set of 10-year targets for the conservation and restoration of nature. In all regards, 2020 is the super-year that is set to define humanity's future.

The SFS Programme will contribute to these efforts advocating for the need for mutli-stakeholder, inclusive collaboration, integrated policy-making and systems-based approaches. The 3rd global conference represents a key stepping stone towards the breakthrough UN 2021 Food Systems Summit.

So, stay tuned - more information will be shared soon.


Image credit: Lisheng Chang by Unsplash

  • Sustainable Food System
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