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10YFP National Focal Points

National focal Points are nominated by Governments “for engagement with the 10-year framework of programmes, with a view to ensuring contact and coordination with the board and the secretariat” (A/CONF.216/5 - paragraph 4.d).

Governments have been invited to nominate the 10YFP National Focal Points (NFPs). Currently, more than 130 countries have nominated their NFP and alternate. NFPs are mostly from the Ministry of environment, but also include members from Foreign Affairs, Development, Economics, Trade, Agriculture, Industry and Tourism ministries, among others.

Countries who have not yet submitted their nomination, are invited to do so. Please contact Ms. Fabienne Pierre for more information, fabienne.pierre(at)

In the event of a change of National Focal Point, Governments should inform the secretariat by submitting a revised official nomination through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The proposed roles of the Nationa Focal Points are:

  • Support the vision, objectives and goals of the 10YFP/One Planet network. 
  • Share information on the 10YFP/One Planet network and enhance coordination and cooperation on SCP within the country with different ministries and stakeholders.
  • Be the contact point for information and coordination with the Secretariat and the Board of the 10YFP/One Planet network.
  • Develop projects and initiatives contributing to the 10YFP implementation, including facilitate the country’s participation in SCP partnerships and other activities under the 10YFP/One Planet network.
  • Participate and support the activities of the One Planet network programmes at different levels (regional, sub-regional, national and local levels), including by facilitating the active participation of relevant/qualified experts.
  • Exchange and disseminate relevant information on SCP plans, programmes activities, events, through inter alia, the One Planet network online platform, which serves as the information and knowledge platform of the One Planet network. 
  • Facilitate and where appropriate take the lead and actively pursue SCP implementation efforts at the country level, including facilitation of national roundtables or inter-governmental workshops on SCP.
  • Be the channel for information on the activities under the 10YFP/One Planet network, and provide timely feedback on reports and requests from the 10YFP Board and Secretariat as necessary.
  • Support fundraising for 10YFP/One Planet network activities at all levels.

For a current list of 10YFP National Focal Points, please see here:

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