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Ms. Margherita Finamore


project manager on sustainable buildings environment

at Pesaro Council - Public Works Department (Government / public sector)


About my work

Since 1997 as project architect I have been responsible for public works for Pesaro Council and I apply environmental sustainability and energy efficiency design. I usually study the proper needs assessment and specifications to reach high values of sustainability and energy saving before going out to tender. Then I develop the use of the procurement procedures to purse energy efficiency retrofits in public buildings especially in schools. I am responsible of the whole process: design phase, procurement and tender phase, verification of the results at the end of the construction site. I am currently in charge of the construction of a new school that achieves the characteristics of the Near Zero Energy Building by mean of the mandatory specification written in the tender and two social housing buildings with the requirements of the Italian System of Evaluation and Certification of the Environmental Sustainability of Buildings based on ITACA Protocol.

Areas of expertise

Sectors of activity

Buildings and construction, Public Procurement


Europe and Central Asia