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Trust Fund projects




Sustainable Public Procurement Programme


Project: Establishment and Implementation of Green Public Procurement (GPP) in Quezon City for the Promotion of SCP in Philippines

Implementing Entity: Philippine Centre for Environment Protection and Sustainable Development      


Project: Mainstreaming SPP in the Western Cape Province through performance-based procurement

Implementing Entity: International Institute for Sustainable Development 


Project: Towards Sustainable Public Procurement System in Uruguay 

Implementing Entity: United Nations Office for Project Services 



Consumer Information for SCP Programme


Project: China Sustainable Consumption Research Program: Consumer Awareness and Behaviour Change in Sustainable Consumption

Implementing Entity: China Chain Store & Franchise Association


Project: Development of a smartphone application (app) for consumer awareness in Chile

Implementing Entity: Fundacion Chile


Project: Promoting SCP concepts in Sri Lanka through facilitating accessibility information

Implementing Entity: Sri Lanka National Cleaner Production Centre Sri Lanka (NCPC)



Sustainable Lifestyles and Education Programme


Project: SCRIPT (Sustainable Consumption and Recycling Interventions for Paper and Textiles) for Reducing Urban Climate Footprints, India and Bangladesh

Implementing Entity: South Asian Forum for Environment (SAFE), India


Project: Direct use of geothermal energy for the promotion of sustainable production model in rural areas in Chile

Implementing Entity: Universidad de Chile


Project: Upscaling Sound Food Waste Management Practices through Youth and Community Education in Schools and Institute of Higher Learning, Malaysia

Implementing Entity: Forum Air Malaysia


Project: Sustainable lifestyles among rural families in Zimbabwe: Small-scale conservation farming to change lifestyles in Africa and beyond

Implementing Entity: Development Aid from People to People Zimbabwe (DAPP)


Project: Education for Sustainability and Consumption

Implementing Entity: Alana Institute, Brazil


Project: Promoting Environmental Best Practices in Cameroon through Music

Implementing Entity: Resource Centre for Environment and Sustainable Development


Project: Food waste in South Africa: capacity building through research and trial of cellular application to reduce on-farm food waste and increase food distribution

Implementing Entity: Environmental Learning Research Centre (ELRC), Rhodes University


Project: Better by design: replicating promising practices, tools and methodologies to support and enable companies in Latin America to improve sustainability of their food and beverage products – Peru, Nicaragua, Honduras

Implementing Entity: World Resources Forum


Project: Solar energy for low-carbon sustainable lifestyles in Solal, Aygavan and Malishka rural communities of Armenia

Implementing Entity: Armenian women for health and healthy environment


Project: How emerging urban youth can be an engine for more low-carbon, sustainable lifestyles: beginning in Bogota

Implementing Entity: El Bosque University


Project: Showing the sustainable lifestyle behaviour and technologies for efficient households in Zambia

Implementing Entity: VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland


Project: A new approach of reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emission through changing lifestyle toward water and electricity saving in urban households in Danang, Vietnam

Implementing Entity: Environment protection Research Centre, Danang University of Technology (EPRC-DUT)


Project: Upscale and Mainstream Green Office Lifestyles in Vietnam

Implementing Entity: Asian Institute of Technology Center in Vietnam


Project: Implementation Monitoring of CO2 Reductions for Sustainable Lifestyles Activities for Climate Change Mitigation

Implementing Entity: Institute for Global Environment Strategy (IGES)


Project: Envisioning Future Low-Carbon Lifestyles and Transitioning Instruments

Implementing Entity: Institute for Global Environment Strategy (IGES)


Project: Sustainable Lifestyles in the Workplace (Bogota and Marrakesh)

Implementing Entity: UN Environment Programme Resources and Markets Branch


Project: 4 Billion Dreams Sustainable Lifestyles Challenge

Implementing Entity: UN Environment Programme Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific



Sustainable Tourism Programme


Project: Creating a sustainable community tourism model for South Africa

Implementing Entity: Africa!Ignite


Project: Inca Alliance for Sustainable Tourism: Public Private Partnership Model for Innovative and Sustainable Eco-Tourism in historical-cultural and natural destinations in Peru

Implementing Entity: Grupo GEA


Project: Sustainable Tourism Enterprise Programme for the South Pacific

Implementing Entity: Sustainable Travel International



Sustainable Buildings and Construction Programme


Project: Implementation phase of the Sustainable Construction Policy in the Aburrá Valley, Colombia

Implementing Entity: Área Metropolitana del Valle de Aburrá, Colombia


Project: Mainstreaming sustainable social housing in India

Implementing Entity: Oxford Brookes University, UK


Project: Development of Sustainable Housing Design Tool “SHERPA”, Kenya/Burkina Faso/Nepal

Implementing Entity: UN-Habitat



Sustainable Food Systems Programme



Project: Measurement and management of fruit and vegetable losses in the production stage at the national level  in Chile

Implementing Entity: FAO Chile

Project: The Southern African Sustainable Seafood Initiative (SASSI): Safeguarding our seafood value chain in Southern Africa

Implementing Entity: WWF South Africa


Project: Supporting smallholders towards improved livelihoods and sustainable production (Malaysia and Indonesia)

Implementing Entity: Roundtable of Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO)

Project: Whey recovery and valorization in SMEs in the Argentine dairy basin, through public-private partnership

Implementing Entity: Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development, Ministry of Agro Industry




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