About the programme


The  One Planet Sustainable Tourism Programme has the overall objective to enhance the sustainable development impacts of the tourism sector by 2030, by developing, promoting and scaling up sustainable consumption and production practices that boost the efficient use of natural resources while producing less waste and addressing the challenges of climate change and biodiversity.


Actors of the programme

Programme leadership

10YFP STP is a partnership led by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) with the Governments of France, Morocco and the Republic of Korea as co-leads.


A Multi-stakeholder Advisory Committee (MAC), consisting of governmental agencies, non-governmental organizations, private sector businesses, intergovernmental organizations as well as academia and UN agencies, is supporting the Lead and Co-Leads in their efforts to mainstream SCP in the tourism sector.


A number of Partners have also joined the 10YFP STP and are participating in its implementation. 



Portfolio of work


The 10YFP STP Portfolio of Work has been designed as a tool for programme Actors (Lead, Co-Leads, MAC and Partners) to include new and ongoing initiatives and activities under the umbrella of the programme, given their potential to contribute to its overall goal and specific objectives. The Portfolio aims to increase the visibility of initiatives and activities at the international level as well as to boost synergies and collective action among the programme Actors while advancing the implementation of the different Programme Work Areas. 

Work areas

How to get involved


The 10YFP STP provides networking opportunities for the exchange of knowledge and best practices and the development and implementation of initiatives in resource efficient and low-carbon tourism, reducing the loss of biodiversity, preserving cultural heritage, alleviating poverty, improving sustainable livelihood and adapting to the reality of a changing climate.