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The One Planet Sustainable Public Procurement (SPP) Programme is developing its new strategic plan 2019-2022: 


Join the effort and influence its new strategic direction!

Applications to be a Co-Lead of the programme are OPEN NOW!

The One Planet SPP Programme is in a transition phase, with the objective of developing the Programme’s new strategic plan for 2019-2022. The development of the plan will build on the comprehensive stock-taking of the 10YFP at mid-term and on the One Plan for One Planet strategy 2018-2022.


If you wish to provide direct feedback, please contact Despina Kouria at: despoinakouria@gmail.com


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The One Planet SPP Programme is currently accepting applications to co-lead the programme during it's second phase.  If your organisation would like to apply, please click here for more information. 


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To date, more than 500 stakeholders, including governments and large scale implementing partners (UN bodies, civil society and private sector organizations) are engaged in the 10YFP and its programmes. Becoming a partner of a 10YFP programme provides opportunities to combine with others for action on the ground, developing innovative projects at scale, and the possibility to access a variety of funding sources. 

Please note that due to the ongoing strategic transition of the SPP programme mentioned at the top of the page, there may be some delay in confirming new partnership applications. Interested organisations, however, are encouraged to click below to find out how to engage.