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Guidance Document on Procuring Sustainable Buildings and Construction

Published in 2018 by
  • United Nations Environment Programme (Government / public sector)

Type of document: Best practices, case studies

Procurement officers have a tremendous opportunity to greatly affect change and contribute to the sustainable development of built environments. This guide intends to provide a practical overview of the options and methods for procuring sustainable buildings and construction in developing countries and emerging economies. Primarily aimed at procurement officers, the main focus is on public procurement at a building scale.

Further information

This guide covers a number of procurement methods and processes, including newer methods of integrated project delivery (IPD) and public-private procurement. As the case studies indicate, these procurement methods show great promise for delivering sustainable buildings. This guide is focused on procurement at the building-scale, and therefore does not include specific guidance beyond the building system, for example the interface at the neighborhood scale (e.g. distributed energy systems) and infrastructure including public transport, cycling, and pedestrian access. However, many of these same procurement examples can be applied at a different scale, such as zoning, neighborhoods, or infrastructure.