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Nordic Best Practices


Accelerated action for sustainable consumption and production (SCP) - Nordics share over 50 best practices

Three reports in the TemaNord series showcase these Nordic examples in promoting SCP, under the 10-year framework of programmes on sustainable consumption and production patterns (10YFP) These Best Practices were identified from a wide variety of Nordic cases by Gaia Consulting Ltd and the Nordic Council of Ministers’ working group on SCP. They are presented under the six themes of the 10YFP, covering Sustainable Lifestyles and Education, Sustainable Public Procurement, Sustainable Tourism, Consumer Information for SCP, Sustainable Buildings and Construction, as well as Sustainable Food Systems.  An overview of the three reports can be found here.  The links to the individual reports are available at the bottom of this page, and are also available at the Nordic Web page, here.  

Please see below the links to the individual case studies that were examined across these reports, sorted by relevance to the 10YFP programmes:

  1. Bike to School campaign - National biking promotion campaign in Denmark
  2. Climate Embassy by Concito
  3. The Peloton Club – a peer–incubator for resource smart startups
  4. WWF Green Office Program
  5. Free public transportation in Tórshavn Municipality in the Faroe Islands
  6. Biophilia Educational Project
  7. Enova’s Energy Challenge – a digital energy education concept for primary schools
  8. The Sustainable Backpack
  9. Svanhild’s Travels learning concept by the Swan label
  10.   Climate Programme for Gothenburg
  11.   Healthy and eco-smart dietary recommendations by the Swedish National Food Agency

  1. New circular business models: focus on purchases, work clothing and the textile service industries
  2. Partnership for Green Public Procurement
  3. Environmental strategy of Tampere Hall provides systematic procurement guidance
  4. Reduction of energy use in municipal buildings by an Energy Service Company (ESCO)
  5. Eco-labelled cleaning services in Reykjavík
  6. Renewable Heating Systems for Schools
  7. Technology-Neutral Procurement of a Full-Electric Ferry
  8. Joint National Procurement of Electrical Vehicles

  1. Green Solution House
  2. The Green Group in Roskilde University Center Tourism Network
  3. Pyhätunturi - First carbon neutral resort in Nordic countries
  4. Metsähallitus Parks & Wildlife Finland – Sustainable nature tourism
  5. Lakeside Excursions
  6. North Sailing - Sustainable Whale Watching
  7. Destination Røros – award winning Sustainable Destination
  8. Lofoten Kajakk – certified ecotourism activities
  9. Wild Sweden
  10.   Sustainable Destination Development

  1. Pregnant? Know your chemicals
  2. The Organic Cuisine label
  3. WWF Fish campaign
  4. Harvest season calendar
  5. Matvett – information concept for food waste reduction towards consumers
  6. – a web based recycling guide for consumers
  7. Hello Consumer – Hallå konsument by the Swedish Consumer Agency
  8. Green Guide App by Swedish Society for Nature Conservation
  9. The Nordic Ecolabel – The Swan

  1. The Soul of Nørrebro
  2. Guidance for city district development, “Miniguide til DGNB for byområder”
  3. E2ReBuild Oulu Demonstrator
  4. PuuMera- low-energy construction with wood
  5. Urriðaholt (Urridaholt) sustainable neighbourhood
  6. Østensjøveien 27, Oslo - Ø27
  7. Greenhouse Augustenborg
  8. Osmos

  1. The Danish Organic Action Plan
  2. Insects as Sustainable Food in Denmark
  3. Agroecological Symbiosis in Palopuro
  4. “Heimablídni – dine in the homes of the Faroese” home hospitality concept
  5. Auðlindatorgið – Resource square, a web-based marketplace for biodegradable resources
  6. Ocean Forest
  7. Norilia AS – Sustainable food value chain in the meat industry

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