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Life Cycle Initiative - Join Us!

The Life Cycle Initiative issues open call for members  


The Life Cycle Initiative is a multi-stakeholder partnership at the interface between users and experts of life cycle approaches. Hosted by UN Environment, the Initiative provides a global forum on developing science- and consensus-based tools and approaches, and works to enable the global use of credible life cycle knowledge by private and public decision makers. The Life Cycle Initiative’s deliverables will support decisions and policies to move the global sustainable development agenda forward, especially for achieving sustainable consumption and production. 

The Initiative is currently moving into a new phase of programmes promoting the application of life cycle knowledge and thinking  across three main areas : technical and policy advice, capacity development, and knowledge. The Initiative has a bold target to, by 2022, mainstream the use of Life Cycle Thinking into at least four global areas of policy making and decision making for sustainable development, through partnerships in at least 15 countries and 30 companies. The Initiative will also train at least 2,500 policy makers, business decision makers and Life Cycle Assessment practitioners, in addition to offering a solution to access Life Cycle Assessment databases and impact assessment characterisation factors in an interoperable way. 

The work of the Initiative will be mainly delivered through its multi-stakeholder partnership (including governments, businesses, scientific and civil society organizations), which is now being formed. To this end, the Initiative is issuing a open call for members to join ahead of the virtual General Assembly on 21 September 2017, during which a new Steering Committee will be elected that will lead a more transparent, open and leaner governance structure . The Secretariat of the Life Cycle Initiative invites institutions and individual experts to join us as we move into an exciting and highly active period, delivering strong results for all stakeholders in the years to come. 

Interested individuals and representatives of organizations/institutions can download the membership application form  and return it signed (with your organization's logo, if applicable) to . Please note that while application for membership is open throughout the year, members’ census for voting in the 2017 Assembly will be closed on 6 September 2017. 

Welcome to the Life Cycle Initiative! 

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