Green Composite Helmet is one of the bionanoplastic (BIOTIC) products manufactured from recycled plastic polymers and oil palm empty fruit bunch nanofibers. This product has been studied for 4-8 years with excellent mechanical properties.

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  • Asia / Pacific
  • Indonesia

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Waste, incl. Chemicals, Scientific Research, Development and Innovation

Type of initiative
Capacity Building & Implementation, Other

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Scientific and Technical, Business Sector

10000 US$

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Achmad Solikhin

Junior Researcher

BIOTIC - Bionanocomposite Products

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The objectives of Green Composite Helmets' production are to be an alternative of Indonesia conventional helmets that are not safe, comfortable, and excellent in mechanical properties; and to help reduce carbon emission release of about 20% and plastic wastes use of about 10% by 2025.


There are several activities that have been done and will be conducted in the production and marketing of Green Composite Helmets. We have conducted an integrated research on the development of the helmets for 4-8 years with the assistance of Indonesia ministries and Bogor Agricultural University. In addition, we established PT Interstisi Material Maju which was aimed to an small enterprise focusing on the development of the helmets. Previously, we have manufactured and marketed 1000 helmets. In the next year, we will produce more than 1500 helmets to be marketed in Indonesia.

Impact and Results

The impact of this helmets are:
1) the reduction of carbon release of about 5% (still counted) and plastic wastes abundance of about 5% in Indonesia automotive industries;
2) the source of green helmets that are more excellent, safe, and fashionable for motorcycle riders;
3) the inclusiveness of youth and marginalized people (women) in this business.

Next steps and how to get involved

Stakeholders can contribute to provide us financial and non-financial support to the development of this helmet. In addition, we do hope the stakeholders can get together assist the achievement of this business sustainability. Further, the engagement of Indonesia government is needed to help the successful implementation of this business.